Does your agency do more than just book talent?

Yes, we are a full service entertainment agency and will assist you with production, publicity, contracts, marketing as well as other aspects.

Do you book all artists or just specific artists?

REG books all artists in all genres of music in all price ranges.

In order to secure talent, when do you recommend we start pursuing talent for our event?

We recommend that you begin the process 10 months prior to your event. We certainly can secure talent in less time; however, with more time you will have more options.

Can I have someone from Romeo Entertainment Group at my event on the day of the show?

Yes, some clients prefer to have a “Service Representative” from our office on site to help with Artist settlement, meet and greet, and to oversee logistics.

We have our headline act booked. Can we add a local band to open the show?

All opening acts must be approved by the headliner before secured.

Will the artist we book do a meet and greet while they are here?

Most artists will accommodate a limited meet and greet for board members, sponsors, and/or VIP’s. However, there are some acts that do not do meet and greets.

What does the artist fee include?

The artist appearance fee is for the artist only. Extra costs typically are sound, lights, staging, hospitality, marketing, and booking fees.

Do I have to provide two nights of rooms for performances where artists are flying in (fly dates)?

With today’s airline and airport challenges it is advisable to offer two nights so that you do not have to be concerned about the artist and band being on time. (Note: secure hotel sponsorship to help with cost.)

Do I have to provide ground transportation to and from the airport where the artist is flying in (fly dates)?

Yes, you can offer ground transportation buy-out, but artists typically will not know the local terrain, so they like this to be provided and it is in your best interest to have reliable transportation.

Can you help us with marketing and promotion?

Yes we can, it is crucial to the success of your event. We have dedicated personnel to provide expertise and support for marketing.

The contracts are pretty complicated; do we have to hire an attorney?

No, we provide, at no cost to our clients, comprehensive administration support to help with your contracts. Additionally we are the only talent buyer to have legal counsel on staff to help with contractual matters.

More questions?

If you have any other questions that we have not answered please contact us at [email protected].