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Upon returning as the talent buyer for the Red River Valley Fair in 2009, REG faced the challenge of dwindling attendance. Recognizing the need for change, Bob and R.J. Romeo, in collaboration with fair manager Bryan Schultz, set out to rejuvenate the fair's offerings and reignite community interest.


REG's strategic approach revolved around two key conditions: shifting from individual ticket sales to a pay-one-price or free with gate admission model, and gaining the flexibility to curate a diverse lineup of established and emerging national talent within the $30,000 per night talent budget. With these conditions in place, REG aimed to craft an engaging entertainment program that would captivate audiences.



The impact of REG's involvement was evident immediately. In 2009, the fair's lineup featured acts like Zac Brown Band, Julianne Hough, Survivor, Joey & Rory, Joe Diffie, Gloriana, Trailer Choir, 38 Special, and Diamond Rio, with a total talent budget of $137,015. Notably, Zac Brown Band's performance drew over 15,000 attendees and generated substantial ancillary revenue, covering the entire entertainment budget and surpassing revenue projections. As a result, the fair experienced a surplus for the first time in nearly a decade, allowing for much-needed infrastructure enhancements on the grounds.

Conclusion: The partnership between REG and the Red River Valley Fair illustrates how strategic talent booking and innovative event models can revitalize long-standing community events. By embracing change and introducing a dynamic lineup, the fair not only regained financial stability but also elevated its status as a must-attend summer tradition.

Are you seeking to reimagine your event's entertainment strategy and drive attendance to new heights? Reach out to us for a complimentary 30-minute consultation to discuss how REG's proven expertise in talent booking, event planning, and innovative programming can help you achieve remarkable results and transform your event into a standout success.

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