Benefits Of An REG Service Rep

For the uninitiated, it may be difficult to understand the convenience of having a Romeo Entertainment Group Service Representative (“service rep”). However, the travel expenses of an industry guru can save an immense amount of worrying and headache. It’s the job of a service rep to make sure the artists’ needs are met without gouging our clients’ budgets so our clients can focus their attention on the other aspects of their businesses. 

From Scott Wick’s perspective, President & CEO of Sioux Empire Fair, “having an REG service rep on site is not just a good business practice but has always proven to be very beneficial.” Scott has many responsibilities, just like most of the CEO’s and fair managers that we work with. He explains that in addition to entertainment, he is oversees the “carnival, livestock, food vendors, commercial vendors, security and the list goes on. The REG service rep is an extension of my staff while on site… I consider REG reps on my site servicing shows to be little inexpensive, insurance policies. After many years they become family as well.”

In the rare situation that an artist cancels within hours or days of the show every hour counts when it comes to finding a replacement. “In 2015, when our scheduled artist lost his voice and was unable to sing. Paul Fleming, RJ, and the REG support staff were extremely vital to resolving the crisis and making it possible for the show to go on,” said Chris Miller, Genesee County Fair Manager. He was referring to an instance where the scheduled artist was on site, but unable to perform. His REG team in the Nashville and Omaha office found an artist who was able to make it to the Fair in time to play that evening. His REG service rep on site, Paul Fleming, made sure the transition of the scheduled Artist and the replacement Artist was smooth, and did not cost the client any extra expense. What may have been a devastating event turned into a successful evening for the the Fair. 

While such last minute cancellations may be a rare occurrence, there are countless other situations that could become mishaps and put a dent in an event’s ultimate outcome of whether they make or lose money. REG service reps have worked hundreds to thousands of shows of different varieties and are always in “show mode.” They spot issues before they become problems. A client paying for production that’s not there or not getting the production that was specked are common problems seen by Johnny Setser, a regular REG service rep. He also sees the obverse, paying for unnecessary production is something he can help negotiate along with labor issues, disputes, union vs. non union rules/ and requirements. 

Weather is one of the most important issues for outdoor events. Service reps monitor the weather, work with production crews on what wind levels a roof can handle, and if necessary, keep in touch with the local weather station. Working with tour and production managers on how long the artist can delay and weighing that information with the forecast can make the difference in a cancellation versus a performance. 

Bryan Schulz, the Fair Manager at Red River Valley Fair has utilized REG service reps as long as he’s been an REG client. “It is always great to have an REG Service Rep onsite for the Red River Valley Fair as there are always situations that arise backstage that I don’t have time to deal with. 

Both RJ [Romeo] and Phil [Potter] have been a Godsend as they are able to put fires out and also watch so our bottom-line isn’t being compromised with unnecessary expenses such as labor and equipment. They have both been there to make sure that artist management is happy when they are on grounds which also takes a load off of my shoulders. Since they already have the rapport built with the artist management and road team, it makes dealing with issues so much easier.”