Answering Price Sheet FAQs

REG clients around the country have recently received, or should be receiving shortly, artist price sheets. REG Agents send these lists to clients as a simple guide to help them put a wish list together. Please keep the following points in mind when reviewing Price Sheets.

  • Price Sheets provide a general idea and are a place to start. When pondering whether an artist is somewhere in the same realm as your budget, turn to the pricing sheet. To know what your out of pocket would be for just the artist guarantee, call your REG Agent to help you work out an offer to submit. Sometimes, REG Agents can help you get a much better price than what’s on the sheet.
  • Price quotes can change without notice due to routing, award wins, number one songs, etc. When REG employees create the Price Sheet, they are working off of the most current information available. Major industry award wins, chart topping singles, TV appearances, and other reasons can influence the price of an artist. Also, if there is an artist that you believe you MUST have and he/she is on the east coast two days before your west coast event, the price can increase if they are not interested in a cross-country trek or if they do choose to fly with their entire crew to make your date work.
  • The number on the price sheet represents only the artist guarantee. This does not include production, backline, hotel rooms, ground transportation, catering, and any other costs that may be associated with the show. Riders can be costly and your REG Agent and Service Representative will help you manage those costs, but keep them in mind when budgeting.
  • Not all style of events are treated equally. Some events get more favorable pricing due to their show date flexibility, the size of their venue, and what time of the year they hold their events. For example, colleges and arenas sometimes get lower quotes than fairs or festivals because they are flexible on their dates, which makes artist routing much easier. They also hold events in off peak seasons so they are not competing with the offers of fairs and festivals that are generally limited to the summer. Thus, beware if you run across a Price Sheet that was written for colleges or clubs because corporate events, fairs and festivals are not treated to the same lower price schedules though your REG Agent always pushes for the best price for your situation.

For a more detailed explanation on anything noted above, please contact your REG Agent.