REG Celebrates 65 Years Of Talent Buying, Concert Production, Promotion, and Marketing

Romeo Entertainment Group (“REG”) is a multiple award-winning, nationally recognized talent buying agency. In 2019 they celebrate 65 years as one of the largest talent buyers and concert producers in North America, having received 19 recognitions from the Academy of Country Music, the Country Music Association and the International Entertainment Buyers Association.

Special Event Liability Insurance - What's Really Covered?

Most purchasers of special event liability insurance understand that the policy provides coverage for “slips and falls,” but often wonder what else it covers.

Benefits Of An REG Service Rep

For the uninitiated, it may be difficult to understand the convenience of having a Romeo Entertainment Group Service Representative (“service rep”).

Answering Price Sheet FAQs

REG clients around the country have recently received, or should be receiving shortly, artist price sheets. REG Agents send these lists to clients as a simple guide to help them put a wish list together. 

Production Advice From The Pros

Production greatly impacts the look, sound, and overall experience of a show. As we have been in show season full swing and many clients have begun booking headliners for 2017, it is important to keep the tips from the experts in mind.

Where’s The Single?

To continue our series on FAQ’s by clients, today we tackle the unfortunate occasion when a single is not released to radio on the date touted by the original announcement.

Maximizing Your Ancillary Revenue Potential

Have you conquered every aspect of ancillary revenue for your event? How much you think outside the box can greatly affect your event’s bottom line. Patrons will pay for convenience, so take a hard look at what you currently offer and consider expanding.

Backline, What’s The Deal?

We frequently hear the question from new events or longstanding events with new entertainment directors, why do I need to provide backline, shouldn’t the artist carry their own gear?